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About us

Our History

Coplan was originally founded as a specialist packaging company in 1987. However, we quickly identified a requirement to help our customers protect and control equipment and assets within their operational environments, and not just whilst in transit.

Over the years we have built excellent relationships with some of the world’s most prestigious engineering and manufacturing companies – to ensure that their equipment is protected and housed correctly and, just as importantly, that it is visually apparent if not returned.

The introduction of Tool Access Control and auditing solutions has seen us become recognised as a turn-key solution provider ensuring that equipment is protected, and can be fully audited and traced.

Our tool control solutions control and protect more than £40 billion of tools and assets.

“A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Our portfolio of products includes:

  • Visual tool control systems
  • 3-phase precision design
  • Easy-to-inspect cabinets
  • Mobile foreign object debris tool control bags
  • Electronic solutions to restrict access to tools to authorised, trained users only
  • Automated tool auditing
  • ID tagging and laser etching of tools

Our helpful, energetic and diligent team works closely with our customers to design, develop and deliver tailored tool control solutions that precisely meet their needs.

Our ISO 9001 accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality and continual improvement within our own operations.

Our tool controls solutions are designed to help our customers achieve the same levels of quality and continual improvement.

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