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Aerospace Protection

Coplan designs and manufactures custom protective engine mats for the aerospace industry, to ensure that high-value assembly parts are protected throughout the build process, and then during ongoing maintenance.

Our range of protective mats are individually-designed, to suit a large range of aircraft engines - and, are used during the horizontal build phase to ensure safe maintenance of the engines, both on and off the wing. These mats protect the inside surfaces of the fan case, many of which have raised cooling fins, while the engineers are working in the carcass itself.

Custom Options

As would be expected, protective solutions within this industry are not an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, nor are they easy to develop. Our teams interpret specific requirements issued by our clients, and our vast experience of working with materials - including specialist foam, rubber, polymers and fabrics - allows us to deliver the very best products.

Our custom-designed mats can be used to protect:

• Engine fan-cases
• Wings
• Propeller/fan blades
• Cooling fins

Our design team works closely with each client to develop precision solutions that ensure critical parts are protected - and also that the risks of accidents or injuries is reduced, to comply with relevant Health & Safety policies.