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Automotive Protection

Coplan’s specialist-designed and manufactured vehicle protection products provide our automotive sector clients with an intelligent solution that ensures vehicles are protected throughout the service and repair process.

All Coplan products are re-usable and provide excellent value when compared with disposable alternatives. This is also a key factor in the drive to reduce single-use plastics in the workplace.

Our solutions deliver complete protection while client vehicles are in service / maintenance workshops – and now form part of the standard Quality Audit process for some of the world’s leading car marques.

Please take a moment to visit our online store to see the vehicle protection products we offer or for further details on any of the products you see below.

Automotive Protection Products

Designed for Dealerships and Workshops

In order to ensure that customer vehicles are returned in the best possible condition, our clients use Coplan products to protect each vehicle while it is in their care. This helps to ensure happy customers and avoid potential damage claims. In most cases, our protection products also helps to ensure that dealerships meet Quality Assurance standards which are set out by vehicle manufacturers.

Branded Products

To reinforce a client’s brand identity amongst their customers, we offer a variety of colour options and custom printing solutions.

With many dealerships now offering customers the chance to stay with their vehicle to ‘view’ it being maintained, branded protective products are a great way to achieve this.

Exterior Covers

Front End Covers

These covers protect the complete vehicle front-end including grille, headlights and bumper - but - retaining full access to wheels, brakes and suspension. They also incorporate a specialist mesh material which enables the headlights to be tested without the fear of materials overheating and causing damage.

Wing Covers

Coplan vehicle bodywork protection products are made from an anti-slip material which ensures that covers remain in place during the maintenance process. This material also repels oil, grease and other substances.

Designed to protect wings from tools and other damage which may be caused when technicians lean over the vehicle.

car bodywork protection

Headlight Protection without the risk of overheating

Coplan front-end covers incorporates a specialist mesh materials meaning that the headlights can be on and tested without the fear of material overheating and causing damage.

Coplan Front End Cover

Interior Covers

• Seat covers (single, double and back seat)
• Handbrake
• Gear lever
• Steering wheel
• Seatbelt
• Floor tray
• Windscreen and dashboard
• Boot protector
• Warning steering wheel cover
• Windscreen cover

Let us do the maths
A Coplan washable seat cover can be used on average in excess of 500 times and are priced from £8.50 each. If your existing disposable seat covers cost 10p each, you will be paying £50 for every 500 Services...

Custom Options

Our experience in working with a variety of materials has allowed us to develop protective solutions for vehicles or other applications that are non-standard or not on current production lines.

We would be very happy to discuss any specialist projects, and would be delighted to work with clients such as vehicle collectors and, vehicle restorers, as well as those who offer vehicle customisation or develop prototypes.