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Completed Foam Tool Chest


The general belief is that, for you to have your tools put in to foam, you will be without them for 6+ weeks. Obviously in the real world of production this cannot happen which is why we would really like to stress that at Coplan, this is absolutely not our standard. We support our customers so that we minimise the possibility of them being without tools. Mixed Tool Case


But how would we achieve this?


The ideal situation would be that we offer to come to your premises and spend a few hours with you (dependant on how many tools there may be), enabling our CAD Designers to draw around them and leaving the tools where they are so that it reduces any disruption to the Engineers daily tasks.


Alternatively, you can send your tools to us via courier, we will then send them back to you at an agreed timescale. For example, this could be a 4-day turnaround, dependant on the quantity of tools.

Mixed Tools

Another option might be for you to draw around your own tools and send the documents via mail.  Once received our CAD Designers would then transfer these drawings to our software by digitising them.

There are lots of options, and we are very flexible and want our customers to know we are here to work with them creating a solution to suit them best and their needs.


For more information, please contact us on +44 (0)1908 307 956.


Image courtesy of Heamar