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Kaizen Foam Control Inserts

Visual Tool Control solutions supplied for a UK aviation maintenance specialist who provide ad hoc maintenance support, line maintenance and A.O.G (Aircraft on Ground) services for a number of prestigious clients.

FOD ComplianceHow has Coplan improved processes for your organisation? “Before ‘signing off’ any line maintenance work, our engineers would lay out their tools and then take a photo as proof to the Chief Engineer that all tools have been returned. The Chief Engineer would then stamp the job card and release the aircraft for flight. This was proving to be a logistical nightmare and we wanted a simple and cost effective solution to help staff easily identify when personal hand tools were missing without having to cross-reference photographs.

After listening to our requirements, Coplan were able to assess all of our essential tooling and offered a Visual Tool Control solution that accommodated all inventory in coloured foam inserts. Coplan designed and produced the foam in such a way that only the tool designed to fit within the pads actually fit. Both Chef and Maintenance Engineers were able to visually audit the cases at any time safe in the knowledge that they could always identify a missing tool and ensure it was returned. This significantly reduced our risk of FOD.

The cases that Coplan supplied were specialist, lightweight, reflective, durable carry cases. These were particularly useful and practical for the rapid response engineers because the bags could be transported on a plane as luggage instead of us having to ship as cargo”.


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Receiving positive feedback from satisfied customers, is one of the most rewarding parts of our work.

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