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Category: Tool Control

  • Example of Poor Tool Control

    After the Chef noticed a horrid burning smell coming from his oven, he decided to investigate and found this pair of pliers which had been left behind after an Engineer came out to fix it around 3wks ago. This incident could have been so much worse, as you can see…

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  • Visual Tool Control - Spanner
    Why do we need tool control?

    Tool control is a vital element of operational efficiency in manufacturing and maintenance environments.   To understand the importance of tool control, let’s consider what happens when a tool goes missing: Productivity dips while workers search for the necessary tool. Production / work may need to be delayed or halted.…

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  • White Paper
    The importance of the correct tool control procedures

    Coplan was founded as a specialist packaging company in 1987 to help our customers protect and control equipment and assets within their operational environments, and not just whilst in transit. Over the years we have built excellent relationships with some of their world’s most prestigious engineering and manufacturing companies. We…

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  • Completed Foam Tool Chest

    BEING WITHOUT YOUR TOOLS! The general belief is that, for you to have your tools put in to foam, you will be without them for 6+ weeks. Obviously in the real world of production this cannot happen which is why we would really like to stress that at Coplan, this…

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  • CNC Router, Visual Tool Control, VTC
    Christmas has come early………

    ………we have recently taken delivery of our brand new, shiny router. Here is a short clip of the router in full swing this morning. Precision cutting a visual tool control foam pad ready to send out to another great customer.  

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  • Tool Control. Your Control.
    Tool Control. Your Control.

      Here’s a short video of some of our recent work – if you would like to discuss any tool solution projects with us, please do get in touch.  

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  • Tool case, VTC, Visual Tool Control
    How to get the most from your tool cases

    In addition to our social media channels, we are also introducing a dynamic News & Insights section.

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  • Kaizen Foam Tool Control
    From board to foam

      Below are two images, on the left are the tools as laid out on card by the client, and on the right is the foam created by one of our CAD Designers. I think you will agree, its a work of art!  

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  • Tool Control
    Custom Foam Inlays

    Our Visual Tool Control foam inlays can be customised to your individual needs, to fit a variety of different tool chests / tool boxes / tool cabinets. Below is an example of a tool foam insert which we created for a client to help them protect their tools and keep…

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