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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply let us know what tools you have and how they are to be stored. Our team will design a foam pad layout for review and your sign-off. We then cut and deliver the pads to your precise requirements.

Not necessarily. We will always cross-reference your tools with our Tool Library to see which profiles we already have digitally scanned and profiled. If we don’t have your tools in our system, we can arrange to profile them at your site. In some instances, our customers are happy to profile tools themselves or book-in a ‘scanning’ slot with our design team.

Our aim is that you are without your tools for as little time as possible.

We have turned solutions around in a few days! The precision nature of what we do means that we work with you to meet your deadlines but never compromising quality.


We have a number of partners that we can work with to supply a solution perfect for your tool storage requirements. We can supply a wide range of cabinets, cases, flight cases, bags and boards.

We also can offer pad labelling, marking and printing as well as tool etching.

We also offer a range of electronic solutions for intelligent tool control and monitoring.

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