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FOD Awareness

Awareness saves lives, you are often performing numerous tasks throughout your working day and there isn’t anyone walking behind you to pick up something which you may have accidentally missed – there is no room for lack of attention or diligence. FOD is 99% preventable and that’s a very high percentage.

FOD AwarenessFOD is one of the biggest worries around an aircraft. FOD stands for ‘Foreign Object Debris’ OR ‘Foreign Object Damage’ the latter is caused by the first. This damage can be caused by anything from a component from a heavy duty hydraulic tool to a simple fork.

The list is truly endless with every loose item being a potential threat. Pens, stripped wire, nuts, bolts, hand tools, clipboards, cups and even eyeglasses are examples of items that can cause FOD issues. There is a requirement to be vigilant at all times to identify anything that could be out of place or a potential threat.

FOD Awareness

It is never OK to have even the smallest bit of FOD. There are of course severe consequences of FOD but the fact that the aerospace industry loses $4 billion every year should be enough for everyone to think about ways in which an operation can be improved to avoid it.

In truth, a lot of FOD is about common sense, being alert and raising concerns as they are identified. Almost all FOD incidences can be traced back to bad housekeeping and lack of controls, therefore it is important to consider all of the methods to avoid FOD and ensure members of manufacturing, maintenance and service teams are mindful of their responsibilities.

FOD AwarenessOne way in which Coplan can help, is to provide you with a Visual Tool Control foam solution, which provides Engineers with an instant visible audit, to ensure that all tools are present or, more importantly, the easy identification of tools still to be returned.

Please click on either of the below links to download your free copy of a FOD Plan Compliance Checklist and FOD Inspection Checklist

FOD Plan Compliance Checklist           FOD Inspection Checklist


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