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Tool case, VTC, Visual Tool Control

Chances are if you have purchased a protective case for your tools or equipment you have also considered some sort of protective solution to go inside the case, because we understand that safeguarding your protective cases whilst offering the highest levels of protection for your tools or equipment is a priority to you. Visual Tool Control, VTCBy using Coplan precision cut Visual Tool Control (VTC) foam inserts we can help to ensure your products arrive undamaged and in one piece.

VTC in protective cases does protect the tools/items being carried, but also gives an easy view if there is something missing from the case.  So, if for example the engineer is working on a plane, his case can be checked to make sure that he has all his tools before he leaves the job, i.e. none are left on board to cause potentially fatal accidents!

In a lot of instances, the product being protected may be a high value piece of equipment, rather than tools.

Perhaps you are wondering why VTC foam inserts are an important part of protection and how do they achieve that protection? Our CAD Designers complete an in-depth design process working with the foam choicescustomer ensuring their needs and requirements are met, with the main outcome of this process being to ensure that the foam will be reducing the movement within the case and absorbing shock or impact. If, for instance the case was dropped from height or thrown into the back of a van, the foam would take the impact ensuring it is cushioning the items within.

We are able to use different densities of foam, providing you with a level of cushioning tailoring the foam insert to your specific needs. There are several other ways in which you can customise your foam, this might be through different coloured layered foam (i.e. black on red), ID Tags or laser etching giving your tools the part numbers stored within the case, etching next to the relevant recess, allowing the end user to quickly identify the correct tool or part that they need. Having these in place not only reduces the number of tools or equipment which are misplaced (the costs of replacing them) but it will also increase their lifespan.

Our VTC foam inserts are also an excellent way to prevent disastrous damage to engines and other larger machinery by making it visually possible to notice if a tool has been left within any machinery which has been worked on.

So, in summary, why should you enhance your cases with Coplan VTC foam inserts? If you use the right foam insert Visual Tool Controlwith the right protective case, it can add several protective benefits to your business and operations. This includes reducing transit damage to improving the efficiency of your engineers.




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