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Tool Control Solutions

Coplan have developed solutions to help some of the largest aerospace and manufacturing organisations ensure that tools are controlled and fully audited. Our approach to tool control has always been flexible from consultancy to complete design and supply.

Tool Control for Aerospace

Delivering FOD/Tool Control improvements is our passion. Foreign objects will always be difficult to monitor but ensuring that all tools are accounted for and not misplaced goes a long way to helping organisations with their compliance.

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Tool Control for Manufacturing

Coplan solutions ensure that tools are not ‘left behind’ when used within the Manufacturing environment protecting our customers from the serious implications processing foreign objects.

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Tool Control for Service and Maintenance

Coplan provide solutions for fixed and mobile tooling kits to ensure that Engineers can react quickly to maintenance and service jobs knowing that their kit is complete and fit for the 'job-in-hand'.

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Our Engineers are confident they know where their tools and equipment are at all times