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Our Tool Library

10,000’s of tool profiles built up over the years means we can produce solutions without you being without your tools!

  • 10,000’s of tools profiled over the last 30+ years
  • Tools from almost every tool manufacturer have been profiled
  • Our team can quickly cross-reference the tools within your project against our library
  • Significantly reduces the turnaround time of a project.
  • Constantly evolving and updated
  • Consistency of production with a ‘right first time, on time, every time’ approach to every project
Coplan Tool Library Database
Coplan Tool Library Database

Tool Types Profiled

Over the past 30 years, we’ve profiled tens of thousands of tools from almost every major manufacturer.

  • Air Tools
  • Allen Keys
  • Awls, Hooks & Picks
  • Chisels, Punches & Pry Bars,
  • Drilling
  • Hammers
  • Measuring Equipment
  • Mirrors
  • Multimeters & Test Equipment
  • Pipe Tooling & Cutters
  • Pliers & Crimping
  • Power Tools
  • Saws & Files
  • Scrapers, Knives & Scissors
  • Screw Driver, T Handles, Nut Spinners
  • Socket & Accessories
  • Spanners & Adjustables
  • Taps & Dies & Rivet Guns
  • Torhes
  • Torque Control
  • Much, much more…

Our Process

Profiling & Tool Library 

We have thousands of tools already scanned in our tool library. If we don’t have your specific tools we can quickly profile them either at your site or at our factory. 


We’ll then create your tool design layouts and once you are happy and have signed them off, the pads are ready for production.


Our state of the art CNC router cuts your high quality foam pads with precision, ensuring a perfect fit for your tools. 


Once our quality checks are complete your pads are delivered quickly and safely.

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