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Tool Control

What is it?

VTC is bi-colour foam, usually black on top of a colour, with bespoke cavities for specific tools.

How does it work?

Using our Computer Aided Design (CAD) facility, each tool is individually designed into our tool library. A pre-production drawing layout is then supplied showing the exact position of each tool per drawer. This must be signed-off by the customer.

Once the finished pads are loaded with the tools, a visual inspection of each drawer will quickly tell if any hand tool is missing as a coloured cavity will show.

What are the features and benefits?

1) Tool layout – the layout can be customer driven or you may rely on our expertise to develop an optimum design solution. Customer specific tools (i.e. specials) can of course be incorporated into your layout. We simply need to visit your facility to measure up these bespoke tools or borrow them from you briefly.

2) Tool Control Foam – the foam we use for our VTC and ITC programmes is available in numerous colours to assist with the identification of a particular kit or indeed reflect a corporate identity. Coplan Tool Control Foam is a specific blend developed for us by the leading manufacturer of polyethylene foams in the world. Importantly, it is resistant to Skydrol.

3) Cavity Identification – we can mark each cavity with tool part numbers or description accordingly. This can be done by micro-routing the information or using Tool Identity Tags.

4) Hand Tool Identification – hand tools can be identified to a particular kit by laser marking and / or colour coding using coloured sleeves.


To find out more or to discuss a project with a member of our team, contact us today or feel free to drop in for a coffee.