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Why do we need tool control?

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Tool control is a vital element of operational efficiency in manufacturing and maintenance environments.

To understand the importance of tool control, let’s consider what happens when a tool goes missing:

  • Productivity dips while workers search for the necessary tool.
  • Production / work may need to be delayed or halted.
  • In the short term, a replacement must be sought from elsewhere onsite to facilitate immediate use.
  • If another similar tool isn’t available, the job may not be completed until a new tool is purchased.
  • The tool might be substituted by one that is not fit for purpose, thereby increasing the risk of accident or damage.
  • If the tool has found its way into machinery onsite or into products being produced, this opens up a new risk of performance issues and, potentially, accidents.
  • Product may need to be recalled.
  • Loss of reputation or business / sales as a result of product recalls or accidents.
  • Accidents also bring the risk of legal proceedings, injury or death.


Coplan delivers solutions for tool control ranging from tool housing to tool access control and auditing solutions. This delivers full tool control, so that all equipment is protected and can be fully audited and traced.

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